Get More Studio Gigs: Recording Etiquette for the First-Timer

Whether you aspire to be a highly sought after studio musician, are going into an Atlanta recording studio to make an album for yourself or band, or have just always wanted to have a digital copy of your voice singing along to your favorite karaoke track, there are some basic studio rules that you need to know.

Recently, Fennerio Productions’ very own managing partner, Luke Johnson, gave a master class at Kennesaw State University that addressed those issues. Below are some of the key points from his lecture.

Basic Studio Etiquette

  • Make sure you know commonly used recording terms.
  • Ask your recording engineer to adjust your headphone mix before the recording begins.
  • Be warmed up, but not exhausted when you go into a recording session.
  • Have your music down SOLID: Don’t waste time searching for notes or sight-reading the piece.
  • Show up early.
  • Get all of the details of the recording session up front so that you know your role in the mix.
  • Don’t sway or bob around the microphone.
  • Don’t tap your foot while you’re recording.

Ready to put this studio etiquette to the test? Contact Fennerio Productions today to schedule your studio time.

And, watch the video above for more helpful tips!

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