Bring in Some Holiday Cheer with Live Music at Your New Year’s Eve Party

musician contractor

Hire a band for your New Year's Eve party

The food is selected, the decorations bought and the invitations sent out through Facebook. Now, all you need is to book the live music for your New Year’s Eve event, and your party prep will be complete. Wait, you’re not planning on hiring a live band for your big, end-of-the-year blowout bash? Think your party is too small, or that you can’t afford to book live entertainment? Think again. From large parties to small, we have the perfect ensemble for your event and your budget.

The addition of live music to your holiday happening is just what you need to take it from “nice party” to the talk of 2012, and we can help. We’re a musician contractor service that specializes in booking the perfect band to fit any client’s preferences. From a small jazz trio to set the ambiance for your intimate dinner party to blues-influenced roots rock for dancing the night away, we have the right band for your entertainment needs.

Visit the media page on the Fennerio Productions website to hear a sampling of the genres that we can accommodate and the types of musicians that we currently represent. Didn’t find exactly what you want? Contact us and we can assemble a group of talented, professional musicians to represent your individual style at your New Year’s Eve event and beyond.

For more information about our talent or services, visit the Fennerio Productions website.

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